Swansea FC – Match Conditioning Program and 11+ Warm Up

Improving fitness and conditioning has obvious benefits for football performance and injury prevention. With the use of GPS at the professional level, the Sports Medicine community have been able to work out the average workload players get through in a 90 minute match. The types of activity that players perform during matchplay include:

  • Slow running
  • Sprints
  • Prolonged moderate to high speed running
  • Change of direction work with accelerations and decelerations
  • Physical contact / challenges
  • Kicking tasks (short kicking and power / long range)

Amateur players perform a similar volume of running, sprinting and moderately high speed work as professionals but in comparison, amateurs perform many less accelerations and decelerations.  By using the data collected from the professional game, we can create training programs to suit amateurs and prepare them for match play as best as possible.

From a conditioning perspective, coaches can prepare players by ensuring they complete enough of the above areas in training so they are prepared for matchplay. This is assessed in 7-10 day cycles. In addition, a strength and conditioning program is usually added to aid performance and injury prevention.

We have created a framework for you to follow to build up your training volume whilst in isolation to prepare you for match play. The program will run for 6 weeks and we will send through fortnightly updates on the minimum requirements that you should be achieving to be ready for the season.

It is crucial that you all perform the 11+ warm up too.  The 11+ forms part of the total volume of exercise you need to achieve to be match ready. It also reduces the chance of injury of all types by approximately 50% and has a progressive strength and conditioning program built into it. We have instructional videos for Part 1, 2 and 3 on our 11+ page for you to follow.

Please be aware, the conditioning program and 11+ warm up are aimed at players who are healthy and do not have current injuries or recent injuries that have not been completely rehabilitated. If you do have any injury concerns, please touch base with us so we can get you ready for unrestricted training.

Week 1 Conditioning Program

Week 1 conditioning Swansea


Week 2 conditioning Swansea

We will be sending you a link to access the next 2 weeks of the conditioning program in 2 weeks time. Have fun