Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapists practise in the sub discipline of physiotherapy dealing in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal injuries related to sports and exercise. The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) now provides a specialisation pathway (see blog) which specifically prepares and trains physiotherapists in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal injuries.

This training ensures the provision of the best available evidenced-based treatment for acute and chronic sports injuries. Sports physiotherapy implies working only with individuals involved in high level sports but in fact we work with people of all ages and walks of life that may suffer injury from mishap in their active day to day lifestyle.

Acute conditions relate to those injuries that have occurred recently and include muscle tears, ligament and joint injury and fractures. Common conditions we encounter include:

  • hamstring strainHamstring muscle tears
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee ligament injury (anterior/posterior cruciate and medial ligament injury)
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Acute neck
  • Low back pain/injury

Chronic injury relates to problems that have been causing discomfort for some time. This includes common conditions such as:

  • Tendinitis or tendinopathy (as it is commonly known now). This can occur in the knee, Achilles, hip, groin, hamstring, elbow (tennis/golfer’s elbow)
  • Shoulder/Rotator Cuff pain (impingement syndrome)
  • Degenerative joint conditions such as osteoarthritis of the hip and knee

Sports Physiotherapists are highly skilled in the diagnosis of these common musculoskeletal issues. We are also experts in biomechanical assessment of movement function and will provide tailored active exercise programs aimed to assist in your recovery from injury. We take a very close interest in understanding you and your goals and through education around your injury. Our Sports Physiotherapists will take a collaborative approach in empowering you to take control of your musculoskeletal healthcare leading to excellent long-term outcomes.

All sports physiotherapists at Newcastle Sports Medicine are “APA Titled Sports Physiotherapists” with several decades of experience working with people of all walks of life. We help everyone, from those who enjoy occasional recreational exercise all the way to international level athletes. We all participate as educators in sports physiotherapy and maintain active involvement in our own ongoing education. This should provide you with confidence that you will be receiving the most up to date care available.

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