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FIFA 11+

Since 2006, FIFA (via F-MARC) have created and researched an injury prevention program known as the FIFA 11+ which has been proven to reduce lower limb injury rates, including serious injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, by up to 50%

Unlike previous popular warm-up routines,  the FIFA 11+ focuses on improving muscle control and correct movement techniques rather than stretching. This highly effective warm-up routine can be implemented with a few cones and 20 minutes of time. If you are a coach or a health professional working with a team not only will this reduce injuries but it has also been shown to improve performance.

Instructional videos and written information for the FIFA 11+ are free and can be accessed below:

FIFA 11+ – The Manual
FIFA 11+ - Instructions
FIFA 11+ – Instructions
FIFA 11+ - Poster
FIFA 11+ – Poster