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Sports Injury Clinic

sports injury clinic newcastle

Newcastle Sports Medicine’s Sports Injury Clinic treats athletes of the Newcastle and Hunter region that have had a recent sports injury. The clinic is run on Monday afternoons by a Sports Medicine Specialist Doctor. If you have been injured in the last 7 days call the clinic on (02) 4910 0805. The clinic is first in first served so call early on a Monday morning (from 8am) to secure your same day appointment. 

Injuries are always a cause for concern and often don’t seem significant until Monday morning when your ankle/knee/shoulder (whatever you bravely put in to that challenge) is getting sorer not better. Waiting in Emergency for several hours is often not possible when work, family and life put your own needs bottom of the list.

ACL tear
MRI: Ruptured anterior cruciate ligament ACL)

Expert assessment at the Sports Injury Clinic can help with;

• Fast accurate diagnosis
• Quality treatment which starts IMMEDIATELY
• High quality imaging including MRI
Minimising time lost from work
• Pain reduction
• Maintenance of function
Less matches / events missed in your sport
• Safe return to sport
• Early treatment with sports trained surgeons when needed

At our Sports Injury Clinic you will be assessed by a Sports Medicine Specialist (Dr Ross Cairns – Australian FFA Olympic team doctor) who is an expert in injury management. He will arrange all investigations required (including X-ray, CT and MRI, usually at no additional cost and will be performed within 48 hours in most cases) and see you with your results on Thursday afternoon (dedicated follow up for the Sports Injury Clinic).

Examples of Common Acute Sports Injuries Treated Include:knee pain

• Muscle & Tendon: Common injuries are in the hamstrings, calves, groin and quads
• Neck: Stingers / burners
• Shoulder: Dislocations, AC joint, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries
• Wrist: Ligament injuries, cartilage damage
• Hand: Finger dislocations, finger and thumb ligament injuries
• Back: Acute back pain and sciatica
• Hips: Impingement, labral tears, hip flexor injuries, adductor strains
• Knees: Anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, meniscal tears, ligament injuries
• Ankles: Lateral ankle sprains, syndesmosis injuries, posterior impingement
• Feet: Lisfranc injuries, turf toe